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Summary of 12th GFMAM meeting in Argentina, November 2009

GFMAM Steering Committee - Hans Klemme-Wolff - Chairman

Summary of 12th GFMAM meeting in Argentina,  November 2009 The twelfth meeting of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) was held at Buenos Aires, Argentina. All founding members of this forum were in attendance. The meeting was held at the CAM (Comité Argentino de Mantenimiento) offices.

The meeting was a huge success in preparation for lodging
the by-laws for incorporation and setting the long term objectives for member
organisations. This meeting was held in conjunction with the Federacion
Iberoamericana de Mantenimiento (FIM) conference. FIM and its member
organisations are thanked for their superb hospitality and commitment to the
GFMAM members present.
The GFMAM members met prior to the opening of the conference for the 12th
steering committee meeting. This meeting was critical in finalising the long term
strategic direction of this new organisation. 

Prior to the conference opening there was a session held at the offices of YPF oil
and gas organisation with the FIM member organisation chairmen. This session
allowed for exchanging of information on what the
GFMAM are doing and the value possible to their
individual organisations. As an outcome of this session
many questions were answered that has stimulated
follow-up discussions on future possibilities of exchange.
This was an excellent forum that gave good insights for
both the FIM member organisations and the GFMAM
steering committee to better understand the needs of
The GFMAM members were a key part of the opening of the FIM conference.
GFMAM chairman was part of the welcome to the attendees. As part of the opening
session, Armando Negrotti FIM chairman did a wonderful
presentation on the GFMAM vision, mission and
objectives. Amando’s presentation was in Spanish and
gave a great overview of the importance of being part of
the greater maintenance and asset management
community. A number of presentations were done by
members of the GFMAM during this conference.
We would like to thank FIM and its members for their hospitality and ensuring our
meeting was a huge success. The next face to face meeting of the GFMAM will be in
Verona Italy in May 2010 where it is expected that the organisation will be formalised
with the lodgement for incorporation as a non profit organisation. This will also pave
the way for other like minded organisations around the world to prepare to become
members. This will truly be a great outcome for all the hard work of the founding
member organisations.
Thank you to all who have made this possible.
Hans Klemme-Wolff
Chairman GFMAM